The pagoda-style kiln invented by Charles Doig more than 130 years ago, turned the pagoda roof structure common to Asia, into a Scotch whisky icon. It became an integral part of the whisky making process, and today remains a sentimental relic of malt whisky production of years gone by.

Glenfarclas decommissioned its Pagoda Kiln in 1972, it now serves as a historical representation of single malt production. The iconic structure sits above the entrance to the Glenfarclas Visitor Centre which was opened to the public in 1973, and not only acts as a beacon to draw whisky lovers from across the globe to the Glenfarclas distillery but also as the inspiration behind the now legendary Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve Series of collectable single malt scotch whiskies which all predate 1972.


George Grant, 6th generation of the Glenfarclas family, sat on the Pagoda Series cask selection panel to ensure only the very finest Glenfarclas casks were selected for the legendary Pagoda Series. Along with ‘Keeper of the Quaich’ Stephen Notman, they explored Glenfarclas’s finest reserves to set free five truly legendary casks that each pre-dated the 1972 decommissioning of the famous Glenfarclas Pagoda kiln. Each special vintage captures a rare piece of distilling history, and also provides five very different styles from three iconic decades of the last century.


In 2017, George was crowned with the coveted award of ‘Scotch Whisky Brand Ambassador of the Year’ at the Whisky Magazine, Icons of Whisky Awards. He frequently travels the world representing the much loved Glenfarclas distillery and has become a formidable character in the whisky industry. He is known for his charismatic contributions to the traditional and family owned distillery that is Glenfarclas, and the development and widening of their extensive international markets.

Stephen is a highly respected judge at the World Whisky Awards and the International Wine & Spirits Competition, whilst actively representing the Scottish Government in China with its leading International export – Whisky. At the age of 27, Steve became the youngest serving Keeper of the Quaich in the world, joining the ranks of an exclusive international community recognised for outstanding commitment to Scotch whisky.

Mentored by some of Scotland’s leading Master Blenders and Distillers including The Dalmore’s Richard Paterson, he has received high commendations from Scotland’s former First Minister Alex Salmond and the current incumbent, The Hon. Nicola Sturgeon.

Steve works actively with the Scottish government to promote Scotch whisky in Mainland China, along with the Scotch Whisky Association and leading whisky brands. He has represented China on the World Whisky Awards judging panel, as well as an IWSC Spirits Hong Kong & global judge. Steve currently resides in Greater China where he has lived for the past decade.