We knew when we took on the Pagoda Reserve Series decanter project, that it would involve creating containers for probably the finest and rarest whisky on the planet today.


From the outset, the project had to reflect the highest possible standards. The chosen medium, 30% Lead Crystal is the finest in the world and provides two distinct points of difference. Firstly, a level of clarity that is not achievable with lower grade crystal or glass; this allows the full colour and richness of the whisky to shine through; and secondly, the substantial weight in hand of the decanter gives it that all important feeling of permanence that matches the extreme age and stature of the whisky inside.

The decanters were completed to a much higher standard than that demanded by the US FDA regulations; in fact, they were completed to the toughest standards in the industry – California Proposition 65. To meet these exacting standards, there were three characteristics we were required to harmonise: the visual aesthetics, the tactile aesthetics, and the functionality of the decanters.

Each decanter was hand-worked in precious metals, and the highest end crystal available to deliver a vessel that would excel as a container to protect the whisky, encourage everyday usage, allow for the whisky to be easily dispensed and resealed, and to look and feel magnificent. Add to this that both the 62-year-old Pagoda Ruby Reserve and 63-yearold Pagoda Sapphire Reserve decanters incorporate the finest delicately colour matched ruby and sapphire precious stones around, and you can begin to see why the Pagoda Series decanters have earned the reputation as being some of the finest examples available in the world today.

Not only is each decanter a visually stunning singular artwork in its own right, they have also been designed to be practical and specifically allow for ease of pouring. The use of silver gives a luster that is not available through substances such as aluminum or steel and, to add provenance, all the silver components are hallmarked. The engraving on such a substrate is also sharper and more detailed and the reflective surface shines with a luxurious intensity.