It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the world’s most prestigious series of Single Malt Whiskies. Almost five years in the making, the Pagoda Series project is without question the most complex, and spectacular production that any distillery has undertaken.


With just 100 limited edition sets of the Pagoda Reserve Trilogy, and only 180 Pagoda Ruby Reserve and Pagoda Sapphire Reserve limited edition decanters created for the world market, the once in a lifetime Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve Series is undeniably the legendary Glenfarclas distillery’s greatest ever release.


Each decanter has been individually hand blown using 30% Lead Crystal produced in Portugal (the highest quality crystal); the overall shape of the crystal was selected to provide the ideal base for the unique ‘Pagoda’ top.


Each decanter is a ‘one of a kind’, created by some of the most skilled glassblowers in the world. No two decanters are exactly the same. Any variations to the finished decanters are completely invisible to the naked eye but because each decanter was separately hand blown, each of the delicate fittings had to be individually engineered to fit.


Using specialized engraving techniques, each collar is individually numbered and infilled. The total effect provides a flowing movement across the decanters from the base to the top.


The side graphics are deep infilled with intricate Chinese Dogs which perfectly compliment the precious metal Pagoda tops of the Trilogy, and bring a fluency to the representations of the Silk Road delicately engraved into Pagoda tops of the 62-year-old Ruby Reserve, and the 63-year-old Sapphire Reserve. The design work on the graphics was a co-production between Glencairn Crystal’s multi award winning  design team and specialist creative experts in Asia.


Each Pagoda is hand-crafted with every piece being hand-turned to produce a unique shaping and cut to the highest possible quality.


The Pagoda is not only a unique design, it is also a revolutionary one. It has been constructed in two distinct parts to enable ease of packing and uncorking. It works by creating a magnetic connection between the cork’s female connection (a secondary closure in hand engraved precious metal), and the Pagoda top’s matching male connection magnet located at the base of the Pagoda design. This unique magnetic function means that the Pagoda top can be easily removed when uncorking each of the Pagoda Series’ rare Glenfarclas whisky expressions.

This  spectacular series features two of the oldest whiskies ever released by the legendary Glenfarclas Distillery and its pioneering design is quite simply a cut above anything else in the market today.

The cork is constructed with Spanish cork closures to the highest possible flor grade. Each mirror ended cork was created in Spain from almost flaw free cork wood that can only be harvested once every seven years. Every cork has been individually hand seated in the closure with clear, taint-free glue, and set in a solid silver top designed to receive the unique Pagoda top.

We wanted to create our best ever single malt whiskies, so we explored our finest reserves and found five priceless casks predating 1972 – the year our famous Pagoda kiln was decommissioned.


In celebration of these incredible single malt whiskies, Scotland’s number one, the incomparable Glencairn Crystal, decanted each perfect whisky into possibly the finest crystal-cut decanters in the world today. Precious metals finish off The Pagoda Trilogy, blood red rubies adorn the Pagoda Ruby Reserve decanter, and cool blue Sapphires delicately embellish the Pagoda Sapphire Reserve.


With just 100 sets of the 43, 48, and 59 year old Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve Trilogy (700ml), 180 decanters of the 62 year old Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve (700ml), and 180 decanters of the 63 year old Glenfarclas Pagoda Sapphire Reserve. The Glenfarclas Pagoda Series has captured five of the finest and rarest whiskies in the world today.